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data analysis / management
mobility solutions
Piloting of products
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IoT system for efficient data collection, visualisation, device management.

The IoT platfrom of the pironex GmbH is a independent and flexible background system for all types of applications.

Choose the functions needed out of our wide variety of flexible modules and create a customised experience for your company and/or your customers. The IoT platform of pironex is optimised for the efficient collection and capture of data form IoT devices. The processing and visualisation of real-time data for the device management is done platform independent on stationary units and mobile devices.


Organise and use data

The extensive Device Management Tool with countless visualisation options and a centralised Portfolio Dashboard for a clear project and customer overview was developed in coordination with the customers of pironex. Customer based functionality are directly programmed for your demands. Operational and customer specific data are always available for evaluation in real time and are logically displayed for evaluation.

Visualisieren von Daten
flexible modulare Architektur

Flexible and expandable

The flexible and modular architecture of the pironex IoT cloud allows the realisation of a near endless number of applications and operating models. Adjustments can either be implemented over available software-modules or by using individual extensions. The areas of the IoT solution are versatile and adaptable in the fields of industry, mobility, transport logistics, sharing and smart home applications.

Data Logging

Anomaly Detection

Asset Tracking



Remote Control


Predictive Maintenance

Modules for every task

The idea behind the pironex IoT Cloud platform is to implement customer projects quickly, directly and effectively. The support of user-based roll and rights models and multi-client capability is a fundamental building block. The pironex IoT cloud comes with a wide range of optional software modules and service programs, like Asset Tracking, Condition Monitoring or Sharing. Adjustments of the software modules and databank applications for customer requirements can be made anytime.

pironex IoT Cloud beliebig anpassbar

benefits of the IoT platform by the pironex GmbH

Reduzieren von Kosten

Reducing cost and time

The IoT Platform is immediately operational and allows for a quick market launch with minimal research and development costs.
Many successful projects are only possible if the execution is based on preexisting modules.
The first project step is the use of existing applications
- show that it works.



Maximize your flexibility with standardized interfaces and tools. Due to the adaptability, the standardization and the modular structure, a constant dynamic development process takes place to be able to keep up with the constant technological changes surrounding the Internet of Things. Or just said in a plain and simple way:
- be able to follow the current trends


White labelling

We can make changes anytime and provide you with your own personalised project. Select accent colours, icons, and pictures yourself and experience your IoT project in your own corporate design.
emphasize your brand.


GDPR conformity

Due to the modular structure, all your databanks for all projects and users are separated from each other. This allows anonymous data processing in accordance with all current and future data protection guidelines.
-warning-proof solutions through separate databases.



Cutting edge security processes guarantee the highest level of security, whether in UI applications or in the connection of new devices. The data is is saved on servers in Germany and are secured with a plausible roll management.
- gobally independent through own servers

Einfache Wartung

Easy to maintain

IoT projects are often managed by tech-savvy, but not pure software teams. Our low-code and self-service user interface provides efficient maintenance of your IoT solution even for personnel without many years of development experience.
- make it easier for the administrator

IoT gateways as the interface between sensors and databanks.

With different sensors, industrial interfaces, and radio modules, the pironex components are available to you for your product developments. Whether as an IoT gateway, control unit or sensor node, pironex offers you adjusted electronics for your needs. It is easy to connect devices to the internet and build IoT devices.

The hardware was developed for home use and special rough environments with limited space and can withstand shock, vibrations, and extreme temperature conditions. Application specific modifications are possible - the form factor, interfaces and performance can be customized to the customers needs.

Offer your customers the pironex IoT solution as a customer-specific OEM variant under your own brand.

programmable and configurable
CAN, RS-485, UART or mBus
WI-Fi, LTE and GPS
On-Board Sensors like Temp, VCO, 3G etc.
robust and water-proof casing
Various radio and tracking systems
industrial interface
bidirectional data transfer
pironex IoT Gateway

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